Finding Your Tribe in WBCS

"Working with other WBEs, both as partners and clients, has enabled me to add another stream of revenue to my business. The opportunities are tremendous and continue to grow. It’s such a great way to step out of your comfort zone and add an entirely new group to your network." Darlene Templeton is the President & CEO of Templeton & Associates , based in Austin, TX. She is a professional speaker, executive coach, author, business strategist, trainer, and author. Darlene's passion for connecting women led her to create the Amazing Woman Leaders program and Amazing Woman Alliance where high

Why It's Important to Get Involved

"Get involved immediately because WBCS is a network that is ready to support you. I eased into getting involved and wished I had jumped in sooner." Carrie Martinez is President and CEO of CM Productions, Inc. , an award-winning visual content agency of experienced video and graphical storytellers. Carrie's journalism background combined with her innate curiosity about how things work in the world set CM Productions apart. Carrie has been a certified WBE since 2010, currently serves on the Board of Directors, is a representative on the WBENC Forum, and in 2017 won a Lillie Knox Award . How are

Get Involved: Grow Your Business

"If you’re a woman who owns a business, you may find the woman-owned certification requirements a bit excessive - and a little overwhelming - at first. If you can get past the initial shock, you may see the benefits of certification outweigh the work required to complete certification. Some of the many valuable benefits of this certification include increased visibility and access to the Fortune 500 business world. But you have to get involved and network" - Patricia Rodriguez Christian Patricia Rodriguez Christian, WBCS Board of Directors member, CEO, and founder of Texas Standard Commercial

Jumping into WBE Certification Head First

" WBE Certification with WBCS will offer the support, insight, and the ability to partner with other women to obtain opportunities not available without the certification. My business has added a new revenue stream with our WBE Certification that has shown an increase of 30% in the year since we were certified." Andrea Tsakanikas, President of Austin-based , has been a certified WBE for under one year. In her short time as a member of the Women's Business Council- Southwest, Andrea has taken full advantage of the network. She is a frequent volunteer at Austin events, an

How Applying For The Lillie Knox Grant Helped Expand My Business

"I wanted to transform communities positively. When the opportunity arose for me to apply for the Lillie Knox Award , I did because I saw the benefits. I knew that the grant could allow me to grow my business." Kaylynn Jordan, CEO of Ethical Sourcing Network , has been a certified WBE since 2013. The company is dedicated to designing and delivering products that create positive change in the lives of others. How many years as a WBCS member? I started researching the market in 2012, and I officially launched in 2013. My first decision as a business owner was to become a certified woman-owned
Kim Sissen

Expand Your Visibility with WBCS Membership

"WBCS provides the best networking opportunities for WBEs to connect with corporations, as well as WBE to WBE. Over the course of our 20-year membership, I can easily say that close to 82% of our growth has come from these connections." Kim Sissen is President of CFJ Manufacturing, LP, which has been a certified WBE and WBCS member since 1997. She is currently involved in the Toyota Mentorship Program and shares how WBCS networking opportunities has helped her business grow. Tell us a little about your story and how you came to work for CFJ? I started my formal internship with CFJ
Jennifer Blakeney

Growing a Business by Getting Involved with WBCS

Growing a Business by Getting Involved with WBCS "Since becoming certified in 2003, our percent of revenue with WBEs and Corporate Members has grown to more than 52% of our business. The membership as a WBE has also helped facilitate the growth of employees from 5 to 15 allowing us to better serve our clients with a more customer focused staff." Jennifer Blakeney, President of Guaranteed Express, Inc , has been a certified WBE and member of WBCS since 2003. Getting involved with WBCS has helped grow her business revenue and the number of employees. She was also selected to be a part of the
Rachel Sanchez

Certifying a Second Generation Company

Rachel Sanchez, president of Prestige Maintenance USA, Ltd has seen impressive growth since joining WBCS. Prestige is a second generation company with 41 years of experience and 12 of those years being certified as Women Owned. Since earning the Women's Business Enterprise Certification, they have seen substantial growth, 47% to be exact! Rachel is humble about the company's success and has a great reminder for newly certified WBEs,"I think that some individuals think that the certification is magically going to get you new business. That’s not the case. You still have to deliver on service

Case Study: The Benefits of Multiple Certifications

"Businesses owned by women of color have the hardest time of all business owners in building a network for doing business. Getting both certifications (WBE and MBE) provides you a head start in building a viable network to grow and improve your business. Why not do both? You will be glad you did!" Terri Quinton, Chief Executive Officer of Q2 Marketing Group and Alliance of Diversity Printers, LLC , has been a member of WBCS since 2010. She currently serves on our Board of Directors and is a co-chair for the annual Women of Color outreach event. Being active in both WBCS and the DFW Minority

Doors Open for Recruiting Company After Getting Certified

Dinah Miller is the President of Nymble Recruiting, a highly-experienced recruiting and hiring solutions company. A certified WBE for just two years, and Miller has already grown her revenue by $4 million. She knows the power of relationships in business, "you can't do business with people you don't know". Since getting certified shes partnered with another WBE and served on a committee to aide in the building of relationships with key individuals. How/why did you start this business and how did you learn about certification? My company has existed since 2002. I took full ownership in 2015